A rewarding, eye-opening internship experience

  • A rewarding, eye-opening internship experience

We recently received a letter from Agnes Chan, an intern who worked with CRED Communications during Summer 2016. She wanted to share her experience of working with us – we were thrilled to have her work with us!

Hi everyone! I am a rising junior at Brown University studying International Relations. My two-month internship at CRED Communications has been an eye-opening and dynamic experience and I’m sad that my time here has now come to an end!

I chose to work at CRED this summer because I wanted to work in a field that would give me exposure to as many industries as possible. I also knew that because PR consists of daily interactions with clients and the media, a job in PR would shape me into both a better communicator and problem solver. During my two months here, I was fortunate enough to work with clients in food and beverage, retail, technology and fashion industries, among many others.

Having worked at CNN as an intern and at the Brown Daily Herald as a news editor, I entered CRED with only journalism experience under my belt. Thus while I knew how to write for the media and discover news angles, I initially did not know much about managing clients and marketing products. Thankfully, the CRED team was supportive, accepting and always willing to help when I encountered difficulties.

I was able to play a significant role at CRED from the very beginning. Assigned on day one, my first project was to write up case studies for CRED’s new website. To do so, I had to research and summarize over 30 of CRED’s past projects, which helped me better understand the nuts and bolts of PR during my first week on the job. I was also fortunate enough to be able to work directly with CRED’s client Pink Season, Asia’s premier LGBTI festival. In addition to writing a press release, I helped arrange media interviews and secure media coverage for the event directors.

I particularly enjoyed brainstorming sessions where the entire CRED team would sit around a table for a few hours and think of potential PR campaigns. I sometimes found it challenging to think of creative and unique campaign ideas, but it was through this process of intense discussion and repeatedly scrapping ideas that I discovered the sheer amount of creativity and perseverance required in PR. 

Aside from the fulfilling work I was able to undertake at CRED, I am also grateful to have spent the two months with a team of passionate, dedicated and dynamic individuals. I am constantly amazed at how despite the fast-paced and often challenging nature of PR, the CRED team always remains organized and committed to each and every client it works with. Sad as I am to leave behind a highly rewarding and productive internship at CRED Communications, I know that I have definitely made the very most of this summer!

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