• Hong Kong Cancer Fund - PR campaign achieved awareness reach of 700 million
  • Hong Kong Cancer Fund - PR campaign achieved awareness reach of 700 million
  • Hong Kong Cancer Fund - PR campaign achieved awareness reach of 700 million


In 2017, we were tasked with coming up with a captivating idea for the Pink Revolution, the Hong Kong Cancer Fund’s annual breast cancer fundraiser, with the objectives being to raise awareness, encourage women to do self-checks, support those affected by breast cancer and donate to the HKCF. The concept was simple but effective: a Pinky Promise as a symbol to promise to regularly check your breasts, remind others to do the same and support women with breast cancer.

Prior to the media launch, we invited celebrities and KOLs to take a video doing a pinky promise and share this on their social media platforms. Nine celebrities including Fala Chen, Gigi Leung, Joyce Cheng, Chrissie Chau, Kearen Pang, Akina Fong, Josephine Ng, May Kwong and Isabel Chan donated their time and participated in the video.

We then invited three relevant celebrities to attend the event as guests to talk about their experiences with cancer on-stage:  Singer Joyce Cheng, director Kearen Pang and model Kathy Chow kickstarted the campaign by making a Pinky Promise gesture on stage with 15 breast cancer survivors to advocate breast cancer awareness. Each of them had a personal story to tell about breast cancer, and Kearan and Joyce had both recently worked on a movie about the disease. Twenty journalists attended the launch event.

To create social buzz after the launch, we asked celebrities and KOLs to do Pinky Promise social media posts, and attended relevant community events where we spread the word about the campaign.

Measurement and Evaluation

  • 138 pieces of coverage across traditional and digital media with over 60% of coverage came from top tier publications incl. Apple Daily, Oriental Daily, Sing Tao, Ming Pao, Cosmopolitan, Harper’s Bazaar and broadcast on iCable
  • 15,257+ views from social media posts without any boosting functions
  • HKD3,599,779 estimated AVE
  • 696 million opportunities generated from campaign about the Pinky Promise and Pink Revolution
  • 7 million social media audience from KOL involvement