A letter by Leighenne Pang: Extraordinary internship experience

  • A letter by Leighenne Pang: Extraordinary internship experience

I am currently doing a bachelor of Communications, majoring in Public Relations and Marketing at Griffith University in Brisbane, Australia. An internship was a great opportunity for me to determine whether I am well suited to the field I am passionate about. Hence when I finished my penultimate year I sought an internship in Hong Kong.

Being part of CRED Communications has definitely been one of the most significant steps in my life.  My role was more as a full time employee at CRED. My participation wasn’t confined to just admin. I was offered boundless hands-on opportunities that brought a sense of accomplishment throughout the duration of my internship. I was lucky enough to be engaged in a project from scratch. CRED allowed me to explore a variety of roles and to contribute creatively. The knowledge and skills derived and deepened from the experience were invaluable.

At CRED, I found not merely vibrancy and enthusiasm, but also a sense of belonging.  I was treated as part of the team from day one.  In fact, I got the chance to attend a press conference just three days after I started. The people were definitely my favorite part of the experience working at CRED. The team is absolutely sophisticated and professional. They are my colleagues, mentors and friends.  Besides, they were also encouraging and supportive. Whenever I made mistakes or was confused, they were always there to guide me patiently.

Needless to say, what I have acquired from CRED is far more than what I have offered to CRED.  It was totally beyond my expectations. I will definitely miss the dynamic team of CRED. It may sound cliché, but the internship has made my summer remarkable and fruitful. I can say with certainty that CRED will offer every single intern an irreplaceable PR working experience and chances of participation.  I truly recommend the paid internship programme and services by CRED Communications.

Last but not least, I would like to thank everyone at CRED.  It’s difficult to say goodbye because you guys are too AMAZING!  Thanks for having me and always being so warm.  Take care.


CRED Communications is always looking for hard working happy interns who enjoy being part of a dynamic team. If you are interested in working at CRED please contact Mandy Queen on mandy@credcommunications.com.

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