It’s experience that counts …

Hong Kong is a fast moving, fast thinking, fast finance city and that includes the fast growing number of events that are hosted each and every day in our beloved metropolis. And that’s exactly why it’s experience that counts!

At Cred we get very excited at the prospect of turning a potentially dry and possibly uninspiring cocktail party into an experience that won’t be forgotten in a rush.

Dr Aron Harilela completing Artist Cornelia Erdmann’s artwork ‘A Golden Mile’ at the unveiling of Holiday Inn Golden Mile’s new lobby and public areas.

This is the key to attracting attendance in the first place and even more importantly, creating memories.

We love to get our creative juices flowing and come up with fun, novel, inspiring and unforgettable ways to create a lasting impression on our guests; the more ‘off-the-wall’ the better as far as we’re concerned.

We are not beyond painting our guests, getting personal with our gifts (ones that definitely don’t go straight in the trash) or inviting guests to take part on a level they would never have imagined. The opportunities for great memories go on.

Given the vast volume of events that Hong Kongers have to choose from, we also recommend considering the ‘added value’ aspect of sharing useful information; let guests come away having learned something new, or trying their hand at an unusual skill.

Tailored nail design for a fashion event – Scotland Re:Designed


Last but definitely not least, once you’ve agreed on your theme, let your imagination run wild and build this into every aspect of your planning; invites, food, drinks, decorations, gifts. Know no limits!

If you’d like the benefit of event planning with Cred we’d love to share our ideas and create an experience for you like no other. Contact us on hello@credcommunications.com.

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