Exposure to the media is key to increasing your brand visibility and the demand for your products and services. Through years of experience in media outreach, we have developed relationships of mutual trust with top-tier English and Chinese media that will allow you speak directly to your desired audience. We have an established track record of connecting businesses with the public through attaining coverage in both lifestyle media and industry-specific media.

Media Training

A significant fraction of your brand image comes from knowing how to interact with the media. Our trained professionals have worked with various types of media and can teach you how to get your message across effectively. Reach out to us for guidance on interview and presentation techniques to ensure you are prepared for the tricky interview scenarios you are bound to come across.

Crisis Management

An interview mistake, a faulty product, a slip of the tongue … any of the above can send your long-established reputation into a state of crisis. We are here to help — we provide coaching to company leaders on how to manage such issues and also work with the media to ensure our clients are receiving the right type of coverage. 


Driving Media Interest

With 13 years experience in events PR for large conferences and exhibitions, we can develop a strategic approach to get pre-event, on-site, and also post-event coverage for you. We can help drive specialist media to your event and organise interviews with your executive team, VIPs, speakers and exhibitors as well as host both on-site and off-site press centres.

Trade Show Media Relations

A vital component of brand visibility, trade shows provide startups and established brands the opportunity to connect directly with consumers, other brands and investors. As well as providing PR support to large and small exhibitions and conferences, we have worked with a range of businesses to maximise their public presence at these events. We take a holistic approach to trade show support — from scheduling interviews to writing press materials to following up with journalists after the event, we know how to manage media relations so that you stand out from the crowd.

Event Management

Whether our clients are big conglomerates or grassroots startups, we work with them to plan and organise unforgettable, exciting PR events that help get the word out about their products. Leave everything to us — we know how to plan product launches, press conferences and tasting dinners that take into account the identity and goals of our clients. From venue sourcing to food and beverage planning to guest list management, we promise to make every effort to ensure your events run seamlessly.


Engage influencers in your sector.

Brands are quickly transforming the way they communicate with their audiences. Nowadays, communications is as much about interacting with key opinion leaders and bloggers as it is about reaching out to the media to publish articles. We are experienced in choosing influencers whose styles and followers are aligned with our clients’ brand and values. With our expertise in combining influencer engagement with our communications strategies, our clients have benefited substantially in terms of social media visibility and product popularity.

Social Media Marketing

Creative Content and Engagement

Many brands with great ideas get drowned and go unnoticed on the crowded web. When we manage your social media accounts, we take into consideration what types of people you want to attract, what your brand identity is, and how we can best help you stand out among your competitors. Clients who have entrusted us with their social media accounts have experienced immense growth in both their follower base and online visibility. We want to help through delivering impactful content and images do the same, so that you too can engage directly with your intended audience.

Our strategic approach to social media marketing will ensure that your online presence is not only aligned to your brand but actively works to engage your audience and drive action. We’ll help you to identify the right channels for your campaign while keeping up to date with social media trends and changes that may impact campaign effectiveness. We will provide you with strategic and comprehensive content calendars containing engaging content and quality visuals. We’ll engage with followers, answer questions, and also handle complaints so that issues do not escalate. We can also advise you on how to use social media to your advantage during a crisis.


Connect with people of importance

At Cred, we can help with much more than just media and key opinion leader engagement. We will connect you with those with the power and resources to help you succeed — be it investors, regulators, customers or shareholders. And, because our past projects cover a variety of industries, we have the experience to connect you with top individuals in both the public and private sectors, in sectors ranging from non-profits to healthcare to finance to retail.  


Mutually Beneficial Experiences

A strategic brand partnership offers many benefits, including reaching a new audience, cross-promotion opportunities, and the chance to elevate your brand image. We can help research and identify brands that can amplify your message and ensure impact with your target audience with the purpose of providing a unique and memorable experience for your customers and other stakeholders. 

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