Media & Blogger Relations

Increase Awareness and Change Behaviours

Media and blogger relations are only one element of public relations but it is the most well known and it is easy to see why. Media coverage is far more valuable than advertising in terms of your reputation. If you have a small budget then we recommend choosing media relations over advertising every time!

A good reputation in the media and among bloggers will encourage your target audience to buy your products, want to work with you, do business with you, support you in difficult times, believe in your advertising messages and even give you a higher value when you are looking for investors.

We will build relationships with journalists and bloggers by not spamming them but through effective story-telling targeting only those media relevant to your business with strong reasons about why they should cover your organisation. We will track news trends and also find out what the media’s forward plans are with the aim of getting you mentioned in the key publications. We will create and distribute press releases, by-lines and other content and also identify the right bloggers and key opinion leaders to attend your event and share your story too.