Working with the Stars: 5 Things to Consider when Choosing a Celebrity Endorser

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Working with celebrities has the potential to increase brand awareness, social media impact, and get your business or product more column inches. Celebrities create buzz and can influence consumer buying habits to the point where something that was virtually unknown becomes the talk of the town. Look at what happened to kale after Gwyneth Paltrow started using it. Despite the many benefits, working with celebrities can also bring challenges.  So it’s important that you are well prepared in advance to get the best out of this very important relationship.

Here are our top 5 tips to consider when working with celebrities:

  1. Choose someone relevant

It’s important to choose someone relevant and whose personality matches your brand.  Are you a sports brand or a brand that wants to be associated with athletes? Find a sports celebrity to work with or someone associated with your brand ethos who is a big fan of your sport. Different celebrities attract different quality of coverage. If you hire a soap star to represent your brand at an event, tabloids and dailies are more likely to cover them than luxury magazines.

  1. Do your research

Look into websites, news, interviews, and social media pages of the celebrities you’d like to work with. Check that they are the right fit for your brand. Make sure that they don’t have any scandals that would impact your brand image. Before you sign the contract with the agents, make sure that they aren’t representing any competitors.

  1. Know that budget is no limitation

If the budget is tight, consider someone up-and-coming instead of an established celebrity. Up-and-coming celebrities might grab at the chance to build their own profile, have less brand partners and be able to do a lot more for your budget. Well-established celebrities could overshadow your brand if your campaign isn’t well executed.

  1. State everything in the contract

Make sure everything you need the celebrity endorser to do before, during, and after your event/activity is agreed in the contract even hashtags that you want them to use on social media. Also ensure that the celebrity doesn’t work with your brand’s competitors during a specified period.

  1. Prep your celebrity into becoming the endorser of your brand’s dreams

If you need your celebrity endorser to be interviewed by the media, make sure that they are able to speak confidently to journalists on the brand’s behalf. Give them media training if needed. Provide them with key points and make sure that they don’t exploit the opportunity for self-promotion. When at photoshoots and interviews, ensure that your branding is prominent either as a backdrop or on the endorser’s clothing.

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